Why the Giants will win the game

Six weeks ago, who would have thought the New York Giants would be in this position.  They weren’t even in the playoffs yet!  Who could have thought that the Giants would have a chance to win their second super bowl in the last four years.  However, since they beat the Jets in week 16, they have never looked back.  They beat the Cowboys to win the division, they crushed the Falcons at home allowing only two points, they upset the 15-1 Packers at Lambeau, just like they did four years ago, and then they prevailed in overtime against the 49ers to win the NFC Championship.  Its very similar to the playoff run they made in 2007.  In 2007, Eli Manning was only a fourth year player who was always being compared to his older brother.  Lets get one thing straight, Eli is no Peyton.  But, in the postseason, Peyton is no Eli.  Over the last three playoff games, Manning has almost been mistake free, throwing eight touchdowns and only one interception.  Another key factor has been their defense, powered by that big defensive line.  They held a high powered Falcons offense, led by pro bowl quarterback Matt Ryan, to zero points on offense.  Then they forced four turnovers by the Packers, an offense that seemed unstoppable for most of the season.  In the NFC Championship, they forced two turnovers by the 49ers that truly changed the game.  Now in the Super Bowl, having played the best football of their lives in the past six weeks, they have a chance to beat the Patriots and Tom Brady for a second time in four years.  If their defense holds, and Manning plays the way he’s been playing, the Giants will be raising another Lombardi trophy.


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