End of Patriots dynasty?

Watching the super bowl on Sunday, one thing was clear, these are not your old Patriots.  This team  was not like Bill Belichick’s teams that had won three super bowls in the last decade.  The Patriots teams of old would not be dropping passes late in the fourth quarter, or allowing game winning drives.  It seems to be apparent that the Patriots dynasty is ending.  Ten years ago, New England had just won its first super bowl, upsetting the heavily favored St.Louis Rams, 20-17.  Over the next ten years, the Patriots became a dynasty, a team that you loved to hate, with its blue collared attitude and coach that dresses like a homeless person.  Players like Wes Welker, Richard Seymour, Tedy Bruschi, and most especially Tom Brady, who all came to New England and under the guidance of Belichick became stars.  Belichick also revived many careers such as Rodney Harrison, Randy Moss,  and Done Stallworth.  However, the last three trips to the playoffs have ended the same, being upset and not achieving their goal to win a fourth championship.  Two shocking defeats at home to the Jets and Ravens, and most recently a super bowl defeat to the Giants, a team that upset the Patriots just four years ago in super bowl 42 and crushed New England’sndream of aperfect season.  With Brady getting older and slower, I think it might be safe to say that the  Patriots dynasty is coming to an end or maybe it’s already over.


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