What I miss most about the NFL

It’s clear, the NFL is not what it supposed to be.  The once old fashioned cheap shotting and breaking the rules kind of league, is now replaced with “Tebowing” and players doing salsa dancing in the endzone.

There are many things I miss about the NFL, such as good player nicknames.  Player nicknames today are basically saying a players first letter of their name, and part of their last name.  For example, I heard Aaron Rogers nickname is “A Rog.”  I miss old mean nicknames, like Dick “Night Train” Lane, or “Mean” Joe Greene.  Another thing I miss is good old fasioned stadiums.  I miss fields like Veterans Stadium, and Three Rivers Stadium.  Those old stadiums would intemidate teams.  I don’t think teams are scared when they see a field called EverBank Field.

However, the one thing I miss most about the NFL is the old fullbacks.  Players like Tom Rathman, Darryl “Moose” Johnston, which is another great nickname, and Mike Alstott, symbolized a once glorified position is the NFL.  Players with the huge necks, that you would give the ball to and they would take on a middle linebacker and just plow over them and score.  Or, they would lead block up the middle for a halfback.  The fullback position was the definiton of smash mouth football from the 60’s to the 90’s.  In fact, arguably the greatest football player in history, Jim Brown, was not a halfback like most people thought, he was a fullback.  Now a days, fullbacks are mainly used to block, and they are never given the ball on a carry.  The only player that I think can be a “real” fullback, is the Jets John Connor, who is nicknamed “The Terminator.”  Hopefully, he can carry on the tradition of this great position which made the National Football League America’s Game.


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