Jason Varitek to retire

It was announced on Monday, that Jason Varitek, the longest tenured member of the Red Sox, will be retiring on Thursday.

Varitek, who turns 40 in April, has been with the Red Sox since he was traded from Seattle in 1997.  He was offered a minor league contract and an invitation to the Red Sox training camp, but he has not been seen at the team’s training facility.  He has played all of his 1,546 major league games with Boston, and the 1,488 games at catcher is a club record.

Varitek joined a team that had not won a championship in almost eight decades, and was a pivotal part of two world series teams.  He was also named the team’first captain since Jim Rice.  Another moment that Boston fans will remember was in 2004 when Varitek shoved Alex Rodriguez, starting a bench clearing brawl.

Being a Yankee fan, I don’t like many players from Boston, but I will miss Varitek as he was a key figure in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.  His presence will be missed behind the plate and in the whole organization.


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