Maybe Someday

Its been 103 long years, for Chicago Cubs fans since their team last won a world series.  And throughout the first weeks of this season, with the Cubs in last place, it might turn into a 104 year drought.  Those fans have seen it all, from the collapse in 1969 when they lost the lead on the division to the eventual champion Mets, or the 1984 playoffs when they needed one more win against the Padres to advance to the world series, but lost the last three games in heartbreaking fashion.  However, its the 2003 NLCS, against the young Marlins, that sticks out in peoples minds.  Up three games to one, the Cubs were shutout by Josh Beckett, and couldn’t clinch the pennant in Florida.  In Chicago, with their ace Mark Prior on the mound, and a three run lead,  they were a measly five out away from heading to the World Series, when Luis  Castillo lofted a pop fly into left field that started to drift into the stands.  However, the ball seemed catchable for outfielder Moises Alou.  As Alou went to catch the ball, a fan, named Steve Bartman, interfered with the ball, breaking up the play and infuriating Alou.  A few batters later, with Castillo on base, rookie Miguel Cabrera hit a ground ball to shortstop Alex Gonzalez who bobbled a possible routine double play that could have ended the inning.  When the inning finally did end, the Marlins had scored eight runs to break the game wide open, and the Marlins forced a seventh game.  They had a chance to win the game a night later, but couldn’t hold a lead and eventually lost nine to five, ending their dream season and putting Wrigley Field into a state of shock, as well as the rest of Cubs nation.  They have made it to the playoffs only twice since that loss to the Marlins, both times ending in a sweep.  Fans should not have to suffer that much, especially fans as loyal as Cubs fans.  Being a Yankee fan, I know I’m spoiled with our many championships, and its hard to see a team go that long with popping the champagne and celebrating a championship.  I must even admit that I enjoyed going to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game, then traveling to the old Yankee Stadium to see a Yanks game.  Singing “Go Cubs Go” after a Cubs win was an awesome experience to share with 42,000 strangers.  Maybe someday, Cubs fans all around the nation will get to sing that song after Chicago finally is able to capture the title.  However, until then, they will be continued to be known as the “lovable losers.”


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