The Real U

Living in Utah, a common thing I hear is how Ute fans talk about how Utah is the real U.  I laugh at these people because they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.  Growing up in South Florida, I know who the real U is, and they are not the Utes.  The whole country should know by now, that the real U is and will forever be the University of Miami.

This article isn’t me bragging, but being a die hard Hurricane and a former season ticket holder, I need to address my anger.  No team will ever recapture that swagger and confidence that the Hurricanes created in the 1980’s and brought back in the early part of the 2000’s.  Players like Michael Irvin, Melvin Bratton, and Jerome Brown are part of those historic teams that won three national championships in the 80’s under three different head coaches, and created the U.  More modern players like Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, and the late Sean Taylor is who brought back this swagger and reminded doubters across the nation that nobody should mess with the team from Coral Gables. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Utes and will always support them.  However, when the conversation comes to who the real U is, I get very protective and I will always talk about my Canes like the proud Miami native I am.  A team with no national championships, and having their most famous alumn in the NFL probably being Steve Smith, can’t compare with the world famous and real U.  Yes they have had their down years, but the Canes have proved the doubters wrong once, and they will do it again.  So please, lets stop this silly argument and debate.



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