Fake Fans

As America is quickly finding out, there are two very different kinds of Miami Heat fans.  There are fake fans, and real fans.

A real fan was born a Heat lover and has followed them since day one.  They watched even before Dwayne Wade was drafted during the days of Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway, the first great Heat players.  The real fans watched rookie Wade, hit a buzzer beater shot in his playoff game to beat the Hornets in 2004.  Real Miami Heat fans watched in stunned silence as the rival Pistons celebrated as they won the Eastern Conference finals during a game seven in Miami the very next year, in 2005.  The real fans celebrated with the rest of Miami as their beloved Heat knocked off the Mavericks to win their first championship in 2006.  They, the real fans of Miami, have seen the worst of the worst, in the 2007-2008 season when the Heat lost the most games in the NBA, and hit rock bottom. 

However, the fake Heat fans nation was born in the summer of 2010, when free agent Lebron James decided to take his to talents to South Beach and join the Heat, who just days before that added Chris Bosh, another big name free agent.  Born and raised in South Florida, living 20 minutes away from the American Airlines Arena, I have been a Heat fan all my life, ever since my dad (a former season ticket holder) started taking me to games at a young age.  Now, living in Utah, most people throw me into the crowd of those fake fans, not knowing that I stayed up late watching those classic games against teams like the Pistons and Mavericks.  Those fake fans, will not feel the horrible feeling of defeat that the real nation of Miami Heat fans will feel if we don’t capture the championship this year.


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