When Loyalty and Caring Too Much Kicks In

I was balling my eyes out on my bed.  I had just left the TV room, having just watched the most devastating even in my life.  The year was 2005, I was in fourth grade, and my beloved Miami Heat had just lost to the Detroit Pistons in game seven of the conference finals.  That year was the one of the best of my life because that’s when I really started to follow my teams passionately, as I did not miss a second of that Heat season.  Talent wise, we were maybe the best in the league, with Dwayne Wade and Shaq dominating teams every night, as the Heat had the best record in the East.  However, that was a bad night because I then realized that the better team doesn’t always win.  2005 seemed like the year that the Heat would finally win their first championship, and Miami was ready to explode after a game seven win against the hated Pistons.  Instead, I watched along with millions of die hard Heat fans as Detroit celebrated on our floor, and advanced to the finals.  Losing, especially losing to your rival hurts the worst.  It still hurts me whenever the Hurricanes lose to the Seminoles, or when the Cowboys lose to the Redskins.  So tomorrow night, I will be praying, just like I did in 2005, that my beloved Heat come out on top, so I won’t have to feel the pain like I did that night.


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