Ochocinco to Miami

On the day of the NBA Finals, its hard not to be writing about my Heat, and their highly anticipated matchup against the Thunder.  However, another Miami team is in the news today.  Out of work and not ready to retire quite yet, Chad Ochocinco is ready to bring his talents to South Beach.  This former Pro Bowler, signed with his hometown team on Monday, four days after being released by the Dolphins division rivals, the New England Patriots.  The Dolphins were very excited to sign Ochocinco, who had a tryout with Dophins, as Miami is very thin at the wide reciever position.  Ochocinco, a six time Pro Bowler, is coming off his worst season of his career, catching only 15 passes for 276 yards.  The 34-year-old, is going to try to replace Brandon Marshall, who was traded to the Chicago Bears in March for two third round draft picks.  Ochocinco’s signing will definitely bring fans to the games early in the season, however, its hard to see him having a productive season after several disappointing  years.


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