Experience at the Friendly Confines

The cab dropped my family and I off about a block from the stadium.  When I got out of the car, there it was, Wrigley Field.  The interesting thing about Wrigley Field, is that its on a corner of a street, which is funny to me coming from Florida and having the Marlins stadium in a space by itself.  I had been awaiting this day my whole life, and I was finally at the Friendly Confines.  When my family was putting together this trip, I was put in charge of getting the tickets.  Recently, I had just read a blog about fans experiences at Wrigley Field, and I read that sitting in the outfield bleachers had the best atmosphere.  So immediately after reading that, I quickly bought our tickets in the center field bleachers.  A very cool thing about the bleachers, is that there is no assigned seating, which means you can sit anywhere in the outfield.  So my family and I had decided to show to the game an hour early.  Fully expecting the stadium to be pretty empty, especially an hour before the game, we were very surprised to see that the bleachers were nearly full.  Seeing the inside of the stadium was beautiful, the grass was so green as was the ivy on the outfield walls.  We watched batting practice as 40,000 people started cramming into the stadium.  The atmosphere, especially in the bleachers made it feel like a playoff game, even though that it was only the fifth game of a long season.  Before I knew it, the national anthem had been sung and the Cubbies had taken the field, and the Astros were up to bat.  High spirits were still in the air, even after the Astros had scored two runs in the first two innings.  My dad ordered us five brats (which is the best stadium food item I’ve ever gotten), as we watched the Cubs battle back. In the third inning, we watched our former Marlin Derrick Lee smash a home run off Roy Oswalt.  As the innings started going by quicker and quicker, we started talking with our fellow bleacher fans.  Wrigley Field is called the Friendly Confines for a reason.  It may have been the alcohol, but I have never been in such a friendly environment, especially at a sports game.  You would look throughout the bleachers and see men that have their shirts off, it was just hilarious.  When Astros outfielder Carlos Lee hit a home run into the bleachers, we all chanted “throw it back” at the fan who caught the ball, being a Cubs fan himself, he chucked the ball back into the playing field.  We sang the seventh inning stretch and yelled “root, root root for the Cubbies”  as the Cubs went up to bat down 5-3.  Chicago then scored five runs, including a go ahead double by new fan favorite Kouske Fukodome.  In the ninth inning, Kerry Wood shut down the Astros and helped the Cubs puck up their second win of the season.  The coolest part of the day was singing the official Chicago Cubs victory song “Go Cubs Go” along with 40,000 of my closest friends.  As the game ended, the people exited out of their beloved stadium and flooded the streets.  It was an amazing end to an amazing day.  Wrigley Field is definitely the best ballpark I’ve ever been to, and I plan on going back soon.  If you ever need somewhere to go on a vacation, go to Wrigley, and sit in the outfield bleachers.


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