Was it the best?

Last year, rookie quarterback Cam Newton took the NFL by storm and rewrote the history books.  Just like myself, many people wondered, was Newton’s rookie season the best of all time?  

As I did my research for this subject, I did consider a few factors that might hold Newton from having the best rookie season of all time.  The one that stood out the most, was that his team finished 6-10.  I know that most people are just looking at his individual stats, but I’m also very critical of how his team did.  Newton also did have a problem with turnovers, throwing 17 interceptions.

However, after all the research, I do believe that Newton’s rookie season was the best of all time.  The 2010 Heisman trophy winner at Auburn became the first rookie quarterback to throw for over 4,000 yards in a season, and he set another NFL quarterback record as he rushed for 14 touchdowns, the most by that position.  In all, Newton accounted for a rookie record 35 touchdowns.  And the amazing thing is, he did all of this with the same offense Jimmy Clausen had in 2010, which was the worst in the NFL.  The Panthers scored 210 more points in 2011 than in 2010. 

I would put Newton’s 2011 season ahead of Randy Moss’ 1998 year, and Lawrence Taylor’s 1981 campaign for the three best rookie seasons.

With Newton coming back off this magnificent season, I would that the Panthers have a very bright future.



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