Brady the best?

As Patriots quarterback Tom Brady enters his 12th season, questions have surfaced on whether this sixth round draft pick is the best quarterback to ever play the game.

Coming into the 2000 NFL season, not many people knew who Tom Brady was.  Brady has just been drafted in the sixth round out of Michigan, where he wasn’t even a full time starter.  However, the next season, when starter Drew Bledsoe went down, Brady went in, and the Patriots became a dynasty.

Over the past decade, Brady has turned the Patriots into one of the NFL’s elite teams and one of its greatest dynasties.  He’s won three super bowls, including two super bowl MVP’s.  He’s set numerous records, including the 2007 season where he threw 50 touchdowns. 

In my opinion, Brady is in a three way tie for the best quarterback of all time, along with Joe Montana and Brett Favre.  Favre has more touchdowns, and Montana has more super bowls.  However, both Montana and Favre both had spectacular receivers and weapons.  Meanwhile in New England, Brady had to win three super bowls with receivers such as Deion Branch, Troy Brown, and David Givens.  Also, Favre has thrown the most interceptions of all time.  

Considering these factors, I think Brady slightly trails Montana in this debate.  However, with Brady looking as good as ever, I fully expect him to beat out Montana in the future, and be the best of all time.