Where’s The Love?

He’s an undrafted quarterback whose been to the Pro Bowl, led his team to two division titles, and he’s dated some attractive women. So where is the love for Tony Romo?

He’s made mistakes in the past few seasons, but tell me a quarterback in this league who hasn’t.  Without Romo under center taking those snaps, I guarantee the Cowboys aren’t division champs in 2007 and 2009.  If Romo would have gotten into the endzone after the bobbled snap in Seattle, no one would have said anything bad about him.  It’s not Romo’s fault that they lost to the Giants in the 2007 playoffs.  However, in a few short years, Tony Romo has  become on the leagues most hated players.

Is it because he plays for the Dallas Cowboys?  There are a few teams in sports that have a massive following, in addition to massive hatred. The Dallas Cowboys are a prime example of one of these teams.  People have hated the Cowboys for decades and in the center of this hatred is the quarterback, which just happens to be Romo.  

However, if I’m a Cowboys fan, which I am, I would be very happy to have Romo as my quarterback.  He had his best year last season and his receivers are only getting better.  We will be in the playoffs again very soon and Romo will be one of the reasons why.  Romo is a likeable guy and a good quarterback, and deserves a lot more respect than people are giving him.


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