Why We Love It

It’s been 93 glorious years since the NFL’s inception in 1920.  The league has gone through many ups and downs but it is now the number one sport in America.  Why is America so obsessed with this sport?

Is it the tailgating hours before games?  What’s not to like about this football tradition?  Rain, snow, or sleet, the die hard fans of each team show up with flat screen televisions, a few grills, and an endless supply of beer.  There is nothing better than getting excited for a game and chest bumping a complete stranger, while holding on to your beer.

Or is the yearly tradition of Thanksgiving football?  This American tradition was born in the Motor City in 1934 and has been here ever since.  Americans have grown to love football on the fourth Thursday in November for many reasons.  The annual Turkey Bowl between families hours before dinner is served.  Nothing is better than getting winded from your game and running inside to watch the first game as the wives prepare the dinner in the kitchen.  After sucking down a few cold ones, dinner is finally served as you can eat until your sick and watch the Cowboys afternoon game.  After dozing off near the end of the Dallas game, you finish off the day by eating pumpkin pie and watching a third game of NFL football.

Maybe it could be the great rivalries that this fantastic league has to offer.  Yes, every sport has rivalries. Baseball has the Yankees and the Red Sox, Cubs and Cardinals.  Basketball has Lakers and Celtics, and the whole world against the Heat.  But don’t tell me that these rivalries are more intense than those in football. Classic rivalries like Cowboys and Redskins, or Packers and Bears, makes every time those teams meet feel like a playoff game.  It’s so great because the point of this game is to hit each other in the mouth as hard as you can, and when the Ravens and Steelers are going at it, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. 

However, we all know why football is head and shoulders above every other sport in America, and possibly the world.  Two words, the Super Bowl.  The World Series has seven games.  The NBA finals has seven games.  The Super Bowl is ONE game, and a game that defines “no tomorrow”, and a reason why this game has been considered a national holiday for years.  It doesn’t matter whether your watching it for the game, or the commercials, everybody watches the Super Bowl.  The death of Osama Bin Laden was talked about for maybe four days, but the Super Bowl will be talked about for weeks.  The game is memorable, the commercials are fantastic, and the halftime show is epic.  More food is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than Thanksgiving Thursday.  Oh yeah, and the game between the Patriots and the Giants drew well more than 115 million viewers.  Seriously, can any sport compete with that?


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