What It Means to Us

The planes went up, the towers went down, and play was stopped as America watched in stunned silence.  Whether you were a firefighter working at Ground Zero, or a professional athlete, 9/11 affected us all.  When Mike Piazza blasted a home run to give the Mets the lead and eventually win the game in the first game back since the attack, in my opinion its one the most significant moments in sports history.  Sporting events became places of comfort, where you didn’t have to think about the towers collapsing, or the War on Terror.  The flag meant something different those following months.  Since that tragic day 11 years ago, we have used sports as a way to heal and come together as a country. We have even become more patriotic as a country and sports is one of the outlets that we use to express that patriotism. One of the best places to be is at the ball park or football stadium or even in the backyard having a catch with your dad. Sports may breed rivalries and those rivalries may push us apart at times but sports can also bring us together. It is my hope that this weekend we will see the true meaning of the word sportsmanship, both on the field and in the stands.



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