Back On Top

After a wild Saturday in college football, which saw the top two teams in the nation go down, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are atop the polls at number one for the first time since 1993. 

The Irish,  after Kansas State and Oregon both lost, remained as the only undefeated team in the county, securing the number one spot in the country.  Now, Notre Dame will enter the Los Angeles Coliseum to play their rivals USC for a chance to go to the national championship.

 To say Notre Dame has had an easy path to this point would be crazy.  A season that started out in Ireland, just got crazier each week.  Winning on the road against Michigan State, star linebacker Manti Te’o losing both his grandmother and girlfriend just before the Michigan game, barely beating BYU and Pittsburg, its been an eventful season thus far.

What annoys me most when I hear the talk of Notre Dame, is when people say they are overrated.  Having seen them play in person when I went and saw them play Miami, I can truthfully say that the Irish are not overrated,.  They have the number one defense in the country, led by Te’o who many people think should win the Heisman, and a powerful running attack.  Yes, they almost lost to teams such as Purdue, BYU, and Pittsburg, but no national champion team has ever gone through a season blowing every team out.  They defeated a Stanford team who beat USC earlier in the season then went on to upset Oregon.  They also thrashed a Oklahoma team in Oklahoma, a team that had lost just three home games in the last 14 years.

Say what you want about Notre Dame being overrated, but come Saturday when the Irish will play the Trojans in Notre Dame’s most important game in easily ten years, I guarantee that the Fighting Irish will come ready to play.