Romo Not Selected, RG3 Is

Yesterday the NFL announced the players selected to the 2013 Pro Bowl.  While they made most of the right choices, their was one glaring mistake.  How Tony Romo did not get selected is beyond me.  I’m not just complaining about this because I’m a Cowboys fan, I’m complaining about this because the system is fixed.  Yes i know he’s had some awful games  this year, I know better than anyone because I’ve watched every play this year.  The five interception game against Chicago was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen.  However, he is third in the league in passing yards with 4,685 yards.  

Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan obviously belong on the roster because of the way they’ve performed this year, but not Robert Griffin 3.  Romo has six more touchdowns than Griffin and has passed for 1,300 yards more than the rookie from Baylor.  Yes, he had a stellar rookie year and turned the Redskins around, but come on.  And yes I realize that Griffin ran for more than 700 yards this season, but he has been chosen mainly because he is a rookie.  This Sunday Night with the division title on the line, I believe Romo will come out and prove to people why he should have been chosen.


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