5 Greatest Super Bowl Teams

In leading up the big game in New Orleans on sunday, I’ve been watching a lot of the show America’s Game, which documents each team that has ever won the super bowl.  Aside from watching that, I’ve also done some research and chose the five greatest super bowl teams.

1. 1992 Dallas Cowboys

Being a young Cowboys fan, I only wish I could have been alive for this team.  This was the first of three super bowls won by Dallas in the 1990’s, and the 1992 team was by far the most impressive.  Led by the triplets, Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin, the Cowboys had the one of the best offenses, and the number one defense in the league.  The Cowboys eased its way through the regular season, finishing with 13-3 record.  Then Dallas cruised past the Eagles and 49ers before embarrassing the Buffalo Bills, 52-17, forcing an unthinkable nine Buffalo turnovers. Dallas went on to repeat in 1993, then won again in 1995 after head coach Jimmy Johnson and owner Jerry Jones “divorced” in 1994.

2. 1984 San Francisco 49ers

For a 15-1 team (only loss by a field goal) that obliterated nearly every team in their path in 1984, these Niners seem to get overshadowed at times when looking back through Super Bowl history.  And this was a 15-1 team without players like Jerry Rice and John Taylor. All the hype entering Super Bowl XIX centered around the QB matchup of Joe Montana and Miami’s young gun Dan Marino, who had shattered passing records throughout the ’84 season. But the 49ers had the NFL’s No. 2-ranked offense and top-ranked scoring defense. Great defense (and Montana) beat great offense, as the 49ers won easily, 38-16.

3. 1972 Miami Dolphins

The only undefeated team in NFL history? Yes. The best team of all time? No.  I’m not bashing on this team, but they did only play two teams with winning records, and both of those teams were 8-6.  Nevertheless, the Dolphins won all 14 regular season games, and then three more in the playoffs. They had a great coach in Don Shula, and legendary players like Larry Csonka and Paul Warfield.  What I also failed to mention is that Miami beat the 10-4 Browns and 11-3 Steelers in the playoffs before taking apart the 11-3 Redskins in the Super Bowl. 

2. 1985 Chicago Bears

Many people believe that this was the greatest team of all time, and they have a point.  Not only did they have arguably the greatest defense of all time, they might have had the greatest player of all time, Walter Payton.  However, if it wasn’t for Payton at running back, the Bears offense would have been a laughing stock.  In the playoffs, though, they certainly looked like a legendary team, posting back to back shutouts in the divisional round and the conference championship.  Then in the super bowl they dismantled the Patriots 46-10 with William “Refrigerator” Perry running over the New England lineman for a touchdown.  Coached by Mike Ditka, the 85 Bears were an all time team, but not quite the best.

1. 1989 San Francisco 49ers

For all the genius of legendary 49ers head coach Bill Walsh, it’s somewhat bizarre that San Francisco’s most dominant Super Bowl team came the year after Walsh retired following his third Super Bowl title in 1988. Replacement head coach George Seifert was the beneficiary of an incredible postseason run as the 49ers blew out their three playoff opponents by a combined 126-26.  In a year where Joe Montana had one of the best years by a quarterback in league history. the Niners lost only two games.  In the biggest game, the super bowl against the Broncos, the Niners won the championship by halftime.  Montana threw three touchdowns and San Francisco won the game 55-10, earning the top spot on this list.


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