New Wrigley

On Monday, the Chicago Cubs officially broke the news that Wrigley Field will be going through a 500 million dollar renovation.  Looking at the photos of what the renovation intends to do, makes me a little sad.  In the pantheon of Major League Baseball stadiums, Wrigley Field ranks at or near the top. Along with Fenway Park, it is one of the last remaining true “old-school stadiums.” It is part of the fabric of the city of Chicago and the Cubs franchise.   I’ve been to many ballparks in my life, and it is still the best one I’ve ever been to. The bleachers in the outfield remain the best place in America to watch a baseball game.  Some of the new things that will be coming to Wrigley just doesn’t feel right.  Like a jumbotron in left field, Wrigley Field shouldn’t have jumbotrons. Other renovations and upgrades will include a “175-room hotel, a plaza and an office building with retail space and a health club.” Wrigley will also get 10 more night games per year, four concerts and 1,000 additional parking spots.  As a fan of the traditional stadiums, this move by the Cubs organization deeply saddens me, however now all the franchise needs is a World Series to make everything worth it.