A Lot Of Pain

Over my life I have been through a lot of pain with my sports teams.  Here are the five worst losses with those teams.
Honorable mention: Hurricanes lose to FSU in 2006, Cowboys Romo bobbled snap against Seahawks 2007 playoffs, Heat lose to Pacers in 2004 playoffs.

5: Miami-Ohio State 2003 National Championship

As you all know, I am a die hard Hurricanes fan.  Then why does this loss only come in at number 5?  

The reason is because I was only eight years old at the time.  If it happened to me today, then it would be at the top of this list, no doubt.  This is right at the beginning of when I started to morph into this crazed Canes fan I am today.  And this is one of the first games I can truly remember watching with my dad.  He had taken me to Miami games before but I vaguely remember.  Looking back at footage of this Hurricanes team, it’s completely ridiculous that they lost this game.  Yes, I realize Ohio State was a good team but the Canes were absolutely stacked.  They boasted players like Andre Johnson, Kellen Winslow, Sean Taylor, Jonathan Vilma, you get the point.  Even though the game shouldn’t haven’t even got to overtime, the Canes were robbed of a championship when the officials called Glenn Sharpe of a pass interference penalty, when it clearly wasn’t, and when the Hurricanes had already stormed the field.  When my childhood hero Ken Dorsey threw an incompletion ending the game, I rememnber crying and asking my dad why they lost, but there was no explanation.  The loss has haunted Miami to this day, as they haven’t appeared in a national championship since.

4: Hurricanes lose to FSU in 2005

By this time in 2005, I was a full out Hurricanes fanatic who made the trip to the Orange Bowl in Saturdays in the fall to watch my beloved green and orange take the field.  Just like every preseason in the early and mid-2000’s, the Canes and the Noles were ranked in the top 10.  Miami hadn’t lost to their rivals from Tallahassee since 1999 and I didn’t think that it would end in 2005.  The game overall wasn’t a pretty one, as there were a total of seventeen points scored.  Miami had a chance to tie it in the closing moments but the field goal snap was bobbled, ending the game in a 10-7 Canes loss.  I couldn’t actually believe my eyes, had we actually just lose to FSU?  I won’t lie to you, tears were shed, because losing to the team you hate most in this world takes something out of you.

3: Heat lose to Mavericks in 2011 Finals

Going into the 2010-2011 NBA season, the Heat had just acquired Lebron James and Chris Bosh to form obviously the best team in the league.  Even though Miami had only gotten the number 2 seed in the East, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that we would reach the Finals.  When the dust settled and we had beaten the Bulls to reach the finals against the Mavericks, I thought we were going to run Dallas right out of town.  You have to understand, in my school I’m pretty sure I was the only true Miami fan out of 2,000 kids, so when the Heat lost, I lost.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many texts I got after every single game.  When a game one victory in Miami, the Heat completely collapsed.  Game we were ahead the entire game, with a double digit lead with 5 minutes to go, on our home floor, and we lost by 2.  I was in a state of panic especially now that the series had shifted to Dallas for the next 3 games.  However, that panic had turned to joy after a game 3 victory.  My thinking was that we were going to win the series in 5 games.  Well not only was I wrong, the Heat had lost two straight and now were facing an elimination game.  By now I was in full blown desperation and all my friends were loving it.  However, I had a feeling that the Heat were still going to win the series, with the final games at home.  Then my worst fear was realized, Miami had lost.  The season was over, the dream was dead, and Brian Cardinal of all people was an NBA champion.  My friends I don’t think have ever let that series go, and I still can’t say or hear the word Dirk without getting angry.

2: Cowboys lose to Giants in playoffs

2007 was the last time I truly feel the Cowboys were a good team.  Yes I know they’ve made the playoffs since then but I didn’t really feel the confidence like I did that year.  They were 13-3, division champs and had home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Tony Romo was actually good, T.O.  was doing his thing at receiver, and our defense was dominant.  All throughout that week leading up to our divisional round game against the Giants, I had a weird feeling about the game.  My worries only multiplied when the score was tied at halftime.  And here it was, I saw it coming all week long, the Giants took the lead in fourth quarter by the score of 21-17.  I was praying for a Dallas comeback, but I should’ve known better.  And when Romo was intercepted on the final play and the clock hit zero, we as Cowboys nation shouldn’t have had to watch the Giants celebrate on our field.  If we would’ve won that game, I truly believe that we would’ve won the Super Bowl that year.

1: Heat lose to Pistons in 2005 Conference Finals

The 2004-2005 NBA season was a special time in my life.  This was truly was my first full year of being a die hard Miami Heat fan. I watched every single Heat game that year on SUN Sports Network, and there was no bigger Dwyane Wade fan than me.  With Wade in his second year and Shaq nearly winning the MVP, we were unstoppable.  We didn’t even lose a game in the first two rounds of the playoffs.  And waiting for us in the conference finals, was our arch enemy, the Detroit Pistons.  The Pistons were just such an easy team to hate.  With players like Ben and Rasheed Wallace, and a coach like Larry Brown, I truly despised that team.  They had traded each game and were left with a decisive game seven in Miami.  I knew, I just knew that the Heat were going to pull it out and finally reach the finals.  It was a back and forth game, and the Heat actually held a small lead in the final minutes.  This was supposed to be the moment where my hero Dwyane Wade went off and sealed a victory in front of 19,000 dressed in red fans at the Triple A arena and send us to finals to meet the Spurs.  The basketball heavens had a different plan however.  There it was for everyone to see, PISTONS: 88 HEAT: 82.  There was no controlling me at that point.  I just couldn’t comprehend the situation.  The superhero’s of my childhood had actually lost.  It didn’t make sense because the good guys are always supposed to win, and the bad guys are always supposed to lose.  It took me a long time to get over that one, but eventually justice was made and the Heat beat the Pistons in next years conference finals and eventually won it all. 


Wiggins Commits to Kansas

The most hyped high school player since Lebron James in 2003, has finally chosen where he is going to play next season.  Instead of going to the NBA like James, did, Andrew Wiggins is taking his talents to Kansas.

With one newspaper reporter at the signing ceremony, Wiggins made the announcement at Huntington Prep (W.Va.) that included family and friends.

The Canada native had been at the top of the class of 2013 for a few years, above players like Jabari Parker. and Julius Randle.Wiggins was the same sought-after player when he was a member of the 2014 class, but the decision to reclassify ramped things up in a major way.

The decision had come down to four schools, Florida State, North Carolina, Kentucky and Kansas.  Florida State had been where both of his parents had gone to school, with his dad going to the NBA and his mother being an Olympic track star. So in the early stages of recruiting, the Seminoles were the top choice.

Kentucky was connected to him for a long time, and seemingly every elite recruit is joining John Calipari’s Wildcats nowadays. North Carolina would’ve given Wiggins a chance to be the go-to-guy from the start.  

Yet it was the Jayhawks and coach Bill Self who beat everyone out.

With the signing of Wiggins, the Jayhawks have the chance to now be a Final Four contender, with Andrew being a main player.

Wiggins is immediately a leading candidate to be an All-American next season, as he is also the heavy favorite to be the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft.  The hype is real. The 6″8 guard can play multiple positions and creates a difficult matchup for anyone.  His main strong point is attacking the rim, much like Lebron, however Wiggins can knock down shots from the perimeter, and is also adept in the mid-range.

On the defensive side of the ball, Wiggins has the attributes to be one of the best defenders in the nation.His length and size enable him to guard every position on the court, whether on the perimeter or in the post.  Wiggins has the ability to be a lockdown defender, but he has plenty of room to improve on the offensive end.

Kansas, who has lost all five defenders from last season , obviously got better with this major signing.  On paper, the Jayhawks weren’t even a Big 12 contender, now like I said earlier, they can make a run at the Final Four.

And now, the Andrew Wiggins circus is over.