Roll Tide Roll

As we are closing in on the 2013 college football season, Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide have a chance to do something no collegiate program has done in since the AP Poll era started, win four national championships in five years.  Alabama fans might be dreaming, but the way things are going at The Capstone right now, another championship could very well be just a few months away.  The Tide should indeed make it back to the BCS title game this upcoming year. After all, they appear to have everything going their way. In the last four seasons, Alabama has won three BCS titles—two of them after suffering November losses.  Here are a few reasons why the Tide will be raising another crystal ball in January.

1:Nick Saban

It is without a doubt that Nick Saban has put himself in the category of the greatest college coaches of all time. On top of winning a trio of BCS titles in just six years at Alabama, his overall record over the last five seasons is an amazing 61-7.  Saban is just on another level it all phases of coaching.  He recruits better, he coaches better, and has a excellent coaching staff.  Not surprising coming from a guy who was once on Bill Bellichick’s staff when Bellichick was the coach for the Browns.

2. Easy Scheduling

It’s no secret that Alabama has had favorable scheduling in the past.  LSU coach Les Miles pointed out that LSU and Auburn, both SEC West teams, play much harder SEC teams than Bama.  Since 2000, LSU has played Florida and Georgia — two of the East’s best programs — a total of 17 times. Auburn has played those two teams 19 times, while Alabama has played them only eight times.  And this upcoming year is not much different.  Bama opens the season against Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome, a game in which the Tide should win easily.  After a bye week, Bama heads to College Station for a rematch with Johnny Football and the Texas A&M Aggies. This will be the toughest game of the year.  They will only face one pre season top 25 team in the regular season, a home game against LSU. If Saban’s bunch overcomes Texas A&M, only LSU and the SEC Championship Game will stand in the way of another berth in the BCS National Championship Game.

3. AJ MaCarron

Quarterback AJ MaCarron has been the quarterback for two whole seasons, both resulting in national championships. His overall record now stands at 25-2. With the experienced staff he will have surrounding him, McCarron is close to being the first quarterback to win three consecutive national titles.   He has been labeled as a game manager, but aren’t quarterbacks supposed to manage the game?  Yes, he a lot of talent coming back, but that is still his offense and his team. 

4. Intimidation

This factor was visibly noticeable in the national championship game against Notre Dame last January.  When Alabama jumped out to a 14-0 lead, you knew the Irish had no chance.  They had little idea what they were up against or how to stop it.  It is the mystique, or the aura that surrounds that team.  Much like the Yankees or the Bulls of the 90’s, this team has an edge to it, and knows how to use it to their advantage.   Debatable though it may be, the Irish lost to Alabama in part because they didn’t believe they could beat the Tide. The complete dominance that Alabama has held over the rest of the country for the last half-decade is to the point where it provides the Tide with an advantage in just about every single game.

The mystique, the aura, the uniform…

Whatever it is, Alabama has it right now.


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