Why College Football Is Better

Everybody thinks this, so I’m just going to come out and say it.  College football is much better than the NFL.  While I love both very much, recently becoming a college student makes me realize how true that statement is.  I will give you five reasons why.

1.Fans Dress Better

However, this statement isn’t entirely true, because some schools around the country tend to wear jerseys to football games, even I used to be one of those poor souls.  Nevertheless, there are far more jersey wearers in the NFL.  A reason I love college football, is that you can go to any stadium in the country, and see college students rocking the shirt and tie, possibly even a blazer.  That’s a good look at a formal outing, and a football game really is a formal setting.  People dress like they’re going to church, and they should, because this is God’s country. 

2.Better Tailgating

Tailgating at NFL games simply isn’t as fun as on a college campus.  Plain and simple.  Tailgating for a college football game is a bigger deal than the actual game itself.  Every open space on the campus, or anywhere somewhat near the stadium, turns into a tailgate lot.  You’ll even see some real die hard fans parking their RV’s in the lot for five days straight before the game.  There is honestly nothing better than hanging out with your best friends, already feeling excited about the game, some country or rock blaring in the background, and then your school song comes on, sending everyone into a frenzy.  Most of the times, the tailgate is so good that going into the game would be pointless. 

3.Better Looking Women

Lets face it guys, seeing beautiful woman is a great reason to go to the game.  Every Saturday in the fall, these co-eds are on display around campus.  Take a tour of colleges that actually take their football serious, and you will notice all the woman sporting their sun dresses ready for gameday.  In NFL, the most beautiful woman are usually the cheerleaders, or the wives of the players in the suites. 

4. Better Rivalries

True rivalries don’t exist anymore in the NFL.  Sure, you have teams that don’t like each other, but that doesn’t make it a rivalry for goodness sake.  You want to see a real rivalry?  Look at the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs Auburn for those who aren’t familiar with real football) a few weeks ago.  Look at the reaction on the faces of those Bama fans after the game, pure disbelief.  Not because they had just lost, but because they lost to their most hated rival. 

5. Tradition

Checkerboard end zones. Aggies kissing their girls after a touchdown. Nittany Lion roars. Boats on Lake Washington anchoring at a Husky game. The flaming spear at midfield. The Sooner Schooner. Touchdown Jesus. Traditions are the imprimatur of every college team and its fans. As long as the NFL is operated out of one office in New York, tradition will be disallowed.


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