To My Mother

Several times in my life, my father told me “don’t tell your mother.”  He taught me how to throw a football, how to shoot a gun, and how to catch a fish.  He taught me how to tie a tie, and half the clothes in my closet were once his.  I know that America is the greatest country in the world and that the communists are evil, because of my father. 

However, as much as my father taught me, I am and will forever be, my mothers son.  Throughout my life, my dad has always been there for me, at every sporting event and every time I needed to be taught a lesson.  But because this is America, he was gone a lot due to work.  He ran his own company and was busy most of the time, leaving my mother to look over the house and three crazy boys. 

My dad taught me how to be a man, but my mother taught me how to be a gentleman.  My mother taught me that holding the door open and standing when a lady leaves the room, is the appropriate thing to do.  It is because of my amazing mom that I am a gentleman.  From when I was a baby, my mother dressed me.  In a Dallas airport, she taught me how to tie my shoes, and drove me to school until I was 16.  In those years, she taught me life lessons.  She instilled in me lessons from the Bible, and explained the history and concept of America, before I knew my division. 

She showed me proper manners and behavior.  Children who grew up in less fortunate situations than myself, miss these lessons and moments, unfortunately.  My mother rarely ever yelled at me, and if she did, I definitely deserved it.  She taught me that cursing was an ugly habit, and that is not how a true gentleman acts.  Ever since I was 16, whenever I took a girl out to dinner, I was sure to be responsible to take care of the check, because of my mother. 

My mother and father had conversations with me about woman.  My father taught me that pick up lines are for losers, and my mother taught me how to be charming. 

With all of these lessons I’ve learned from my mother, I am still a college boy, and a fraternity man.  I enjoy stupid things, like when one of my pledge brothers has a hilarious late night make out sesh in front of everyone.  Some of the times, I act in a way that would not make my mother proud.  However, the difference between how my friends and I act, compared to the way the average college students acts, is that we are proud gentleman.  And for these things, I thank my mom, because all that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.



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