A Boy’s Dream for Dallas

We all know this life isn’t an easy experience, we will all face challenges that will test our inner strength and push us to our limits. Life gets even harder when you’re a sports fan. For some reason, we find a bond with the teams that we support, and that bond usually lasts our entire life. Whatever season, winning or losing, we are by our team’s side. For me, that bond lies with the Dallas Cowboys, and lucky for me, they’ve had an incredible season.

Since I can remember, even as a little boy, I’ve been a Cowboys fan. It runs in my family, my dad was a Cowboys fan in the 70’s with Captain American Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. He raised me cheering for America’s team, and my boyhood heroes aren’t Staubach or Dorsett, but Aikman, Irvin, and Smith. You can even search through the Thomas family archives, and find Christmas photos of me as a young boy, wearing a Cowboys jersey….for my family Christmas photo. You get the point, it runs in our blood.

However, in my lifetime, the Cowboys have given me joy, but also a great deal of sadness. Their last Super Bowl victory, happened when I was a little over a year old, and since I became a die hard fan, if I can call myself that, they’ve managed just two playoff wins. When I think of the hardest losses I’ve seen as a sports fan, out of all my teams, two games come to mind. The first, was a wild card playoff game in 2006, when Dallas played the Seahawks. Up 20-7 in the second half, it seemed as if the Cowboys would pull off the upset. Well, we know the rest of the story, Seattle stormed back, winning 21-20, with Tony Romo botching the snap of what would be a game winning field goal. The second, occurred the very next year in 2007. After a 13-3 regular season, Dallas hosted the Giants in a divisional round playoff game, and seemed destine to breeze through all the way to the Super Bowl. The Giants had something else in mind, and pulled off their own upset, 21-17, en route to their super bowl run.

Throughout my 22 years of life, I’ve waited a long time for Big D to bring home the Lombardi trophy, and it seems that this year, it may actually happen! That being said, I have a few reasons to believe that this year might be it. In 2007, even though I was a boy, I knew that the team then wasn’t going to win the super bowl, because I knew that if we played the Patriots (who were undefeated at the time), they were gonna run all over us. This team now, there is just something about them. Two rookies leading the team, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, have showed more charisma and confidence for Dallas than anyone I’ve seen in a while. Something they also have, is humility. Now humility, is a characteristic that is not often seen in NFL players, but these guys got it. They have something I call quiet dignity, and its carried them to the number one seed in the NFC.

Us as Cowboys fan, we’ve been here before, plenty of times actually. It definitely has been a long time since the days of the triplets in the the 90’s, but just like I said in the beginning, win or lose, we will be by their side. So to Dak, Zeke, Dez and the rest of the boys, no pressure or anything.





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