Why We Love Our Cowboys

The kick by Mason Crosby went up, and just as soon as you can say Troy Aikman, the season was over for the Dallas Cowboys. A season, and a postseason, that had so much potential, was over in a matter of seconds. The great memories, from defeating Green Bay earlier in the season, to a dramatic win in Minnesota, all gone.

People have asked me several times, that why, after all these years, why I’ve stuck around with the Dallas Cowboys. From Tony Romo, to Jerry Jones, I believe that no NFL fan receives as much grief about his team, than Cowboy fans. On some occasions, people ponder as to why I care so much about the Cowboys, about sports really. I have but one answer to their question, because it matters.

To my earliest childhood memories, I can remember the Dallas Cowboys being a big part of my family’s life. I can still recall times when my father would throw me passes, and I would run routes like I was Michael Irvin, or as I was running, I’d put my number one finger like Emmitt Smith. The first Cowboys game I can actually remember watching, was when Dallas beat the Giants in overtime in 2003, I was 8. My first tears shed for the Cowboys, was when they lost to the Panthers in the 2003 playoffs.

The thing about the Cowboys, is that they connect generations, and bring families closer together. One of the greatest memories I have with my father, is watching our beloved Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving. My father instilled in me, a hatred for the Eagles, Giants, Redskins and 49ers, that will never leave. Its not just a game, when the team with the star on their helmet, and the white jerseys, come running out onto the field in North Texas, its memories. In the Thomas family, when the Cowboys win, we all win.

This year, unfortunately, was not out year, and it may not be our year for several more. However, no matter what, my love for America’s Team, will never falter. With a young team, the future looks as bright as a sunset in Dallas.




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