Why You Should Like The Patriots

In case you haven’t heard, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, again. This is the ninth time in franchise history that they have reached the big game, which is an NFL record. It’s also the seventh time New England has reached football’s biggest game in the Tom Brady era, the first appearance coming in 2001. Now, if you’re not a Pats fan, chances are that you hate the team. Whether its because of Brady, the sleeveless head coach, the annoying accents that the fans have, or frankly that they’re good, mostly everyone has a reason to hate the Patriots. However, I consider myself a fan, not my top team, but they’re an organization that deserves respect, and here are some reasons why.


1.Tom Brady

When the dust settles, and the snow melts in Massachusetts, Brady, at the end of his career, may hold every passing record in the NFL, and could be regarded as the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. You could make the case right now that he’s the greatest, based on one thing, winning. Many make the case that Joe Montana is the greatest ever to play the position, because he won, and won a lot. Brady is a lot like Montana in some cases, joining a struggling franchise, not a high draft pick, and doing nothing but winning. Montana is the proud winner of 4 Super Bowls, and Brady has the opportunity to surpass that mark this upcoming game, which could be his fifth championship. Another reason to root for Brady, is because for most of his career, he hasn’t been blessed with the best receivers. He had two good years with Randy Moss, Wes Welker for several years, and Rob Gronkowski whenever he’s healthy. Besides that, he’s thrown touchdowns in Super Bowls to people like David Patten, David Givens and Deion Branch. Last reason why I love Brady, is because he literally resurrected a franchise. The 2001 season, when Brady took over the starting position due to a Drew Bledsoe injury, will always go down as the turning point in the Patriots history.



Yes, I know that Rob Gronkowski is injured and won’t even be playing in this years Super Bowl, but come on, its Gronk! I will go down on record, that I am one of the biggest Gronk fans around. Whether its his interviews, his play on the field, or off the field, you can’t help but love the guy. When healthy, he is the best tight end in the game, period. If he were healthy all the time, he would be the greatest at that position in history. All he does is catch touchdowns, spike the ball into Boston, drive guys into the sidelines on a blocking assignment, and tells Spanish reporters “yo soy fiesta.” If you haven’t fallen in love with the bro, go watch the E:60 on him.


3.Screw the NFL

Everyone knows the famous Deflategate scandal, in the 2015 AFC championship, that resulted in a 4 game suspension for Tom Brady in the early parts of the 2016 season. Brady and the rest of the team, has the opportunity to stick a Super Bowl win in the face of Roger Goodell.  The whole league hates the Pats, no surprise there. If you need further evidence of that, just go watch Mike Tomlin’s words about them in the Facebook live video. Now is the Patriots chance, to win one more, for them.


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