Best, and worst, announcers of all time

Today, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback announced that he would be taking his talents to CBS, and follow the path of many former athletes and take his best shot at the broadcasting world. When the announcement was made, the social media world erupted. One of the best tweets of the day, “Tony Romo’s new broadcasting contract will only be for regular season games.” While we’ll have to wait to see how Romo will do in front of the tv, lets look back at some of the best, and worst broadcasters in recent memory.



5.Dan Fouts:

Fouts was a standout quarterback with the San Diego Chargers, and brought that franchise to national attention. In the broadcasting booth, Fouts likes to remind of that fact. Its always a plus to have a former player in the booth, but when you start bringing up throws you made to Kellen Winslow in 1981, the attention of the viewers goes South.


4.Joe Buck:

Being a Cowboys fan, I can almost guarantee that Buck will be calling the Dallas game every week on Fox. His lack of enthusiasm sucks the blood out of you, and makes you miss him when he calls baseball. However, in the last few years, Buck has made a comeback, and you can expect him to be on the best list in a short while.


3: Reggie Miller:

Reggie is a guy who I hated when he was playing, and can’t stand on television either. Miller should be thanking the heavens he got to work with one of the greatest ever to do it, Marv Albert. For being one of the great players of all time, Miller seems to lack a knowledge of basketball statistics, and should just stick to his trash talking on the court.


2: Gus Johnson:

Am I listening to a teenager, or a professional broadcaster? Though Gus is amusing, its all for the wrong reasons. He’s the only person who can make those calls about college basketball players, except for the college students themselves.


1:Bill Walton:

The worst, by far. This dude is off his rocker. The former UCLA all-American and NBA legend, should have stayed away from the tv set. Walton is famous for his random lectures, taking his shirt off during a live game, and using way too large of words. Old Bill will take half of the game talking about the glory of the 60’s, and how the Grateful Dead is one of the best bands of all time.



  1. Kirk Herbstreit:

Any kid from my age, who played NCAA football the video game, either loves this man, or he’s liar. Yeah he’s a Buckeye, but we won’t hold that against him. In a relatively short time, he’s become the best college football color analyst, whether its on College Gameday, or up in the booth next to Chris Fowler.

4: Verne Lundquist:

This man is the voice of the CBS. I can just hear him saying, “McCarron finds Cooper in the endzone, touchdown Alabama!’ Though he calls college basketball and golf as well, I’ll always think of Lundquist as the man greeting me through a television from somewhere in the South.


3: Al Michaels

Again, its my childhood playing Madden that I fell in love with his voice. The video game, and Monday Night Football is what we think of, when I think of this legend, until ESPN played the villain and started broadcasting Monday night games. Him and Madden next to each other in the booth, it just doesn’t get better than that. His call of Antonio Freeman’s circus catch to beat the Vikings is his most classic moment, “HE DID WHAT?”


2.Brad Nessler:

If there was a big time game in the late 90’s or early 2000’s, Nessler was the man calling the game. He was the voice behind the Wide Left Miami-FSU game in 2002, and his voice is iconic. He proves the excitement when a play gets going, and knows when to tone it down. He also will be taking over CBS college football, so we got that going for us.


1: Brent Musburger:

You are looking live….at the best sports announcer ever. His voice has stood the test of time, he’s sounded the same whether Vinny Testeverde, Matt Leinart, or Jameis Winston is the quarterback. He’s called some of the greatest moments in college football history, as well as other sports too. Along with Nessler, if there was a primetime football game, you can expect Musburger to be on the other side of that television.


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