Road to 30: Stop #1 Angels Stadium

In my road to visit all 30 stadiums in baseball, my first stop brought me to Anaheim, California, home of the Angels.


When you drive in, all you can see is a gigantic letter A at the side of the building, and an enormous facility that looks like it could house the USC football team. It was a beautiful Sunday day baseball game (go read my article on day baseball) in Southern California, doesn’t really get better than that.


A great plus for Angels Stadium, it has probably the greatest parking of any sports venue I’d ever attended, props.


We purchased the seats online probably an hour before the game, cheap and in the outfield. By the way, the outfield is the most underrated place to sit in a baseball game, for several reasons. Number one, its where the real fans sit. Two, if it’s a day game, you can score a pretty good tan.


To my surprise, it wasn’t a sold-out game, which took me back because it was one of the first home games of the new season, and it was in the day. The stadium and fans however, create a wonderful atmosphere. The 2002 World Series championship is seen everywhere. As I was sitting in right field, it was neat to think that Barry Bonds hit his first World Series home run in that stadium.


First off, and I’m not just blaming the Angels for this, but food/beverages at baseball games are completely insane. If one single hot dog is worth $5, then this country is heading in the wrong direction. That’s more of a disgrace then watching Stephen A.Smith on ESPN.


What made the game was the ending. Down 9-3 in the bottom of the ninth, the Angels rallied to score seven runs and shock the Mariners. It was the greatest sporting event I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been to many. There is just something about Mike Trout playing outfield, Southern California, day baseball, it just screams America and freedom at you.


All in all, it was a perfect day. Angels stadium sometimes gets a bad rep because of its boring location, but you’ll inside the stadium, what do you care? Surprisingly, Angel Stadium is the fourth oldest ballpark in the majors, so go check it out before owners waste more money on a brand new stadium that won’t even sell out, and they’ll sell hot dogs for ten dollars!


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