Best College Fight Songs

Its April in America, and for sports fans, not only are the NBA Playoffs going on as well as the beginning of baseball season, but also college football spring games are happening throughout the nation. It’s a time of the year, where we’ve been deprived of any football for two long months. Not only that, we still have five months to go before week one of the college football season.


Football, especially college football has emerged has an American tradition. The feel of the fall season on a college campus brings us to almost a storybook place in our lives. There isn’t a more beautiful sight for the human eyes, then walking through trees with changing leaves, the smell of tailgates, and a 80,000 seat stadium right in front of you.


One of the greatest aspects about college football is the spirit, whether it’s the fans, the student body, the alumni, the cheers, homecoming or the rivals, the spirit of college football makes it a beautiful sport.


There is also the effect of the fight song that is played by each schools band. The university band plays that fight song, and if its your team, it’s the anthem of your soul. When those first few notes are played, the 16 year old comes out, and it sends chills throughout your whole body. The following list ranks the top 5 college fight songs.


5.University of Alabama: Yea Alabama

its no secret that the University of Alabama has been the most dominant college football team over the last decade, so viewers have heard this fight song many times after Crimson Tide victories recently. Besides the fact that during the song they call out Georgia and Georgia Tech, this is the same fight song that played when Bear Bryant was coaching, and Joe Namath was playing. When it plays, and the beautiful red jerseys run onto the field, it’s a Southern tradition on Saturday afternoons in the heart of Dixie.


  1. University of Tennessee: Rocky Top

Although its not the official fight song of the Volunteers, all fans know this as the school’s spirit song. Its quite the sight when you look at Neyland Stadium, and over a 100,00 people are screacming, “Rocky Top, you’ll always be Home sweet home to me Good ol’ Rocky Top Rocky Top, Tennessee.”


  1. USC: Fight On

In reality, this song and the top two are really tied for number one. I am a huge fan of this fight song. When it comes on, you automatically think of Southern California and the great teams that have played there. It sounds very dominating, and you think of big shoulders, big guys like Anthony Munoz and Bruce Matthews. Fast players like Reggie Bush, Marcus Allen and O.J. Simpson, speed that embodies Tommy Trojan.


2: Michigan: The Victors

When you hear the words, “Hail to the victors,” you directly think of Michigan. A Michigan Man, is what they are called, Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, President Gerald Ford, all Wolverines, all heard that song. In fact, at the funeral of President Ford, this fight song was played. They use the phrases, “The leaders and best,” as well as, “The champions of the West.” Its only fitting, that one of the most stories programs in history as one of the most famous fight songs.


1.Notre Dame: Notre Dame Victory March:

“Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame,

Wake up the echoes cheering her name,

Send a volley cheer on high,

Shake down the thunder from the sky.

What though the odds be great or small

Old Notre Dame will win over all,

While her loyal sons are marching

Onward to victory.”

Clearly, the best fight song of all time. Notre Dame is a special place, not only in college football, but in the world. It’s a sacred place, and you feel that you’re in a special place. The Golden Domers, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz, Paul Hornung, Knute Rockne and too many others to count. When you’re walking through South Bend on a Saturday, and that fight song comes on, you’ve made it to sports heaven, unless you’re a Michigan fan.




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