Root For Boston

Five years ago I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth, I’m rooting for the Boston Celtics. At the beginning of the postseason, I wanted the Jazz to make it, though it was an impossible feat. Now that they’re gone from contention, for the first days of my life, I’m cheering for the Celtics.


My lifelong hate for the Celtics just comes from the fact that I’m a Yankees fan, and I believed that the city of Boston was evil just because of the Red Sox. However, if there is one exception to my dislike of the city of Boston, its LeBron James. Three years ago when he was a member of the Heat, loved em, had his jersey and everything. Now, he’s public enemy number one, right up there with David Ortiz and Jimbo Fisher.


I know I can’t speak for all NBA fans out there, but I’m sick and tired of seeing the two same teams in the finals for a potential third straight season. Watching game one of the Eastern Conference Finals, and seeing how dominant the Cavs are, it infuriated me. Cleveland has not lost this entire playoffs (neither have the Warriors), and its absolutely sickening.


This Celtics team deserves to make it to the NBA Finals, just for the fact that Celtics star Isaiah Thomas lost his sister prior to the first round of the playoffs. Like are you kidding me? What a story that would make! But no, LeBron and his team has to ruin it for the rest of the country. The fact that LeBron complains after every call he doesn’t get, when he usually gets 98% of the calls in any given game, makes me despise the man even more. Now, is this article about hating James or trying to prove my point for the Celtics, it’s the same thing.


I believe in a league where every team feels that they have a chance to go far in the playoffs, and ultimately contend for a championship. Its time for the country to rally around a team, and the Celtics are it!


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