Dwight Howard got traded, and nobody cares

If Paul George, DeAndre Jordan, or several other NBA players would’ve been traded yesterday, you would have sat up in your chair and take notice.


As you were scrolling down on your Twitter feed yesterday, right in between the latest of Trump’s profile and what’s happening in Georgia, you saw that Dwight Howard had been traded. You looked at it for a split second, then kept scrolling.


Why is that? I remember, and I know you do too, when he was the best center in the league and absolutely tearing the league apart when he was playing with the Magic. Still to this day, Howard averaged 13.5 points a game, and over 12 rebounds a game. Statistically, Howard is right up there with DeAndre Jordan, and is considered one of the better centers in the game.


Interesting though, when Jordan’s name was thrown around with trades, it would be to Phoenix for the NO. 4 overall pick. When Howard was actually traded to the Hornets, it was for a sack of marbles and a few baseball cards.


Alright alright, here are the real stats of the trade. The Hawks gave away Howard and the 31st pick of Thursday’s draft, and the Hornets gave away Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli and the 41st pick of the draft.


After signing a three year deal, worth $70.5 million with his hometown team, Howard didn’t perform up to the expectations. In the playoffs, he averaged just eight points and 10.7 rebounds, in a series that the Hawks could have won, but instead lost in six games.


Howard, who turned 31 this past year, will earn $23.5 for each of the next two seasons. Howard, who is still an All-Star caliber player, can certainly make a difference with the Hornets, who still have Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum.


What still baffles me is the fact nobody seemed to care about the trade. Worse yet, people were tweeting about how much they didn’t care about the trade. It makes you think about what Howard did to get such a bad rep, and all this negativity. The case is definitely still out there as to whether or not Dwight can perform at such a high level, as for me, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Howard in yet another jersey in about two years from n


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