Midnight Thoughts: Brett Favre was Overrated

He’s the country boy from the deep south, with a sweet accent, and a sense of humor that still has us football fans laughing whenever we hear clips of him mic’d up. He’s the man who stole our hearts, and captured the imagination of football fans everywhere with his love of the game that he portrayed every Sunday. He’s a Super bowl winning quarterback, multiple MVP winner, and the king of making nothing plays into instant classic highlights. I’m of course talking about the legendary Brett Favre.


Throughout his 19 year NFL career, America could not get enough of number four, and neither could I. Though he played for the Packers most of his career, he developed into one of my favorite players in league history, mostly for his down home style, and incredible humor that exemplified how every football player should play the game.


As the years have passed since his retirement, I’ve watched a lot of Favre games, and studied his career probably more in depth than any other NFL player.  Throughout this fun process, I’ve come to the conclusion, a sad reality, that Brett Favre is the most overrated player in NFL history.


Before you rip me to shreds, believe me, I’m in just as shock as all of you are. I love Favre, but I also have to come to the facts.


  1. His performance in big games:

In 1996, Brett Favre could absolutely do no wrong. He had just won the Super Bowl for the Packers, and seemed destined to bring home several more Lombardi trophies back to Green Bay. A lot of people don’t take this into consideration, after that one Super Bowl, Favre sucked in games that mattered. Take for the instance the very next year. The Packers in 1997, make it back to another Super Bowl, and their opponent? A Denver Bronco team that was quarterbacked by John Elway, who completed just 12 passes the entire game, and no touchdowns. The Packers entered that game as 11 ½ point favorites, and Favre was just coming off another MVP year. Favre was less than stellar, and the Packers were upset in that game 31-24.


Fast forward to 2002, Green Bay is hosting the Falcons in the wild card round of the playoffs. Remember, prior to this game, the Packers had NEVER lost a home playoff game at Lambeau Field EVER. Plus, it was January, and the Falcons were a dome team. As you could probably guess, the Pack were heavily favored. As you could probably guess however, given the nature of this article, the Falcons whooped Green Bay, behind the play of a guy named Mike Vick. Favre turned the ball over three times, and the Packers were embarrassed 27-7.


Five years later, it’s the 2007 season, and Green Bay had a magical year, going 13-3, and looked as if Favre would return to another Super Bowl. The Packers were hosting the NFC Championship game, at home, against the Giants, a team that even though went on to win the Super Bowl, lets be honest, the Packers were better than. In what would be his final game as a Packer, Favre threw two costly interceptions. His last one, coming in overtime to Corey Webster, which put the Giants in Green Bay territory, setting up a game winning field goal, shocking the Packers 23-20. That Webster interception, was his last throw wearing yellow and green.


  1. He’s the all-time leader in interceptions!

Yes, in 2007, Favre broke the NFL record for career touchdowns, and passing yards, a record that some believe makes him the greatest quarterback who ever lived. As the Grinch who Stole Christmas would say, “wrongo.” Here’s another record for ya, Favre threw 336 interceptions over the span of 19 seasons, putting him number one all time. To make matters worse, in 24 postseason games, Favre threw 30 interceptions in those games.


Whenever fans think of Favre interceptions, there’s just too many to think of! The first one for me that comes to mind, brings us to the 2003 NFC divisional round of the playoffs, when the Packers were looking like they could upset the Eagles in Philly. Green Bay had the ball on their 42 yard line, and it seemed as if Favre and the Packers could knock off the Birds. Insert the gunslinger. In his only pass of overtime, Favre threw one doozy of a toss. I can only describe this throw, I’m laughing as I write this by the way, in two examples. One is a punt, kicked right to the defender, and the other is when you’re playing catch with a young kid, and you throw it real high as if you’re bombing a touchdown. Luckily for Brian Dawkins, he was the recipient of probably the worst pass of Favre’s career, and Brett out threw the receiver by probably fifteen yards. Dawkns made the easy interception, and the Eagles went on to win.


The second one is almost painful to type, because its such a bad pass. I said that the Eagles pick was the worst throw of his career, but this one probably is. Brett, in 2009, turns into a Purple People Eater, and is a member of the Vikings. Miraculously, he takes them all the way to the NFC championship game, in a showdown in New Orleans against the Saints. In a game where Favre took an absolute beating, he was leading the Vikings down the field for a potential game winning field goal that would put Minnesota in the Super Bowl. Does this scenario sound familiar? (2007 NFC Championship game) Any who, Favre and the Vikings were on the Saints 38 yard line, with Brett flushed out of the pocket trying to gain more yards. Instead of throwing the ball away, or running to gain a few more yards, Favre commits a quarterback sin, and throws across his body, which was then intercepted by Tracy Porter. The game went into overtime, and the Saints wouldn’t give Favre another chance, ultimately kicking a game winning field for themselves.


  1. Everything else.

I only gave two legitimate reasons to support my claim, but by golly I believe I’ve done it. Yes, Favre is headed to the Hall of Fame, no doubt about it. Though I think the aspect of Favre I hated most, was how he ended his career. Favre retired not once, not twice, not three times, but a grand total of four times! The first time Favre Watch would come on, it was exciting. Though after he pulled a Fredo Corleone and became the biggest trader in the history of Wisconsin, joining the Vikings, then it just became ridiculous. Favre is like the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movies, when you see them they’re awesome, five years later you realize how stupid you were.


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