Selection Sunday Show Is Crap, ASU and Oklahoma Suck

Selection Sunday was today for those of you not interested in great things, and the NCAA Tournament begins this week, finally. However, I, with the rest of the entire country, had many problems with all of Selection Sunday, down to the very teams playing for the title.

Lets start with the show itself. The Selection Sunday show is always, always on CBS, has been since 1982. So what do they do this year, they change it to TBS, and it sucked. First of all, there was a delay, so the words didn’t match Ernie Johnson’s mouth, and there were people clapping in the background with no sounds of their hands, horrible.

Then, for some odd reason, the show announced the automatic qualifiers, and the at-large teams before showing the brackets into which they were placed. So the drama that we usually have throughout the show, ended very early for some schools. Also, the teams were announced in alphabetical order? And then the guys forgot how to spell, and announced TCU (Texas Christian University) after Tennessee, but I’m no brainiac.

Any-who, now to the bracket. Mostly I don’t really care, because Miami is a 6th seed and isn’t going to win anyway. However, two teams got in, and I am outraged.

  1. Oklahoma. Name me one player besides Trae Young on the Sooners, you can’t do it. The Sooners have an 18-13 record, along with a 8-10 record in conference play. They made it, instead of their in-state rival Oklahoma State, who beat Oklahoma twice this season, also swept Kansas, and on top of that has six wins over top-25 teams.

The Sooners have two games since February 2nd, and though they had success early on in the season in non-conference play, the reason that Oklahoma is going dancing this week, is that because of Trae Young.

2. Arizona State. Another case very similar to Oklahoma, strong team in non-conference play, starting out 12-0. The Sun Devils even had wins over teams like Kansas and Xavier. Fast forward to conference time, and they were a joke. They ended up 8-10, and losing 5 of their last 6 games, including a loss to Colorado in the first round of the PAC 12 tournament.

So why, why do teams like USC and Notre Dame get left out? It just goes to show you that the NCAA does not care about conference play, or how you finish your regular season, or what you place in your conference tournament. March has begun people, let the madness ensue.


Where Should Kirk Cousins Sign? Jets or Vikings?

With the free-agency period for the NFL right around the corner, it seems that Kirk Cousins has dominated the talk. Now, is that because of a weak free-agency class, or is Kirk Cousins really as good as advertised?

Cousins has shown that he can play, for sure. Three straight seasons of over 4,000 yards, 25 or more touchdowns, one division title for the Redskins.

Even with those stats, Washington has moved on from Cousins, trading for Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith. Now, with free-agency beginning on March 14th, two teams have emerged as clear cut favorites for Cousins to sign with, the New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings.

So why the Jets? Seriously Kirk, why the Jets? I will tell you why, BECAUSE THE JETS ARE WILLING TO PAY COUSINS $60 MILLION HIS FIRST YEAR IN NEW YORK. Like lets be real, when Cousins saw that the Jets were willing to pay that he thought,”man, maybe I could see myself in Jet green.”

The Jets have not a decent quarterback since Marc Sanchez, and thats being decent. Though, if Sanchez could lead the Jets to two straight AFC Championship games, who knows what Cousins could accomplish.

Jeremy Bates is the offensive coordinator for New York, the Jets sixth offensive coordinator in eight seasons, and head coach Todd Bowles, well, I’m just very surprised he’s still coaching with the Jets.

Bottom line for New York, is that they’re desperate. The jets are the second team in New York behind the Giants, they haven’t been to a Super Bowl since Nam, and they’re going to throw all the green out to sign Cousins.  However, its not a Kirk Cousins or bust situation, because New York can still draft a quarterback with their high pick.

So why the Vikings? Of all the teams trying to sign the former Michigan State Spartan, the Vikings have by-large the best roster. This team went to the NFC Championship game this past season with Case Keenum as their quarterback for goodness sakes.

They have a tremendous defense, Dalvin Cook who will be healthy, and a plethora of dynamic receivers. The Vikings also recently signed a new offensive coordinator, John DeFilippo. DeFilippo is still celebrating his Super Bowl victory with the Eagles as their quarterbacks coach, turning Carson Wentz into a Pro Bowler, and Nick Foles into a Super Bowl champion.

Another great thing about the Vikings, is that Cousins won’t have to throw 35-40 times in a game for them to win, and winning is something that Kirk probably wants to do. Even though Tom Brady is retiring soon and it’ll open up space in the AFC East, that will take several years, and the Vikings are ready to win now.

So yes, if you’re asking me, the Vikings are obviously the correct spot for Cousins to land. Will he do it? That remains to be seen. Denver Broncos general manager John Elway stated that the Broncos will also pursue Cousins very heavily. However, expect to see Cousins in a Purple People Eater uniform this upcoming fall.