Design & Color Reverse Post


federer contrast


Proximity is important because it shows what items have a relationship in physical closeness. In this picture, the words in the top left corner have a relationship for several reasons. One of those reasons is due to the fact that they’re close together, and they also are the same font and style.



Repetition is when a picture repeats some aspect of its patter or design. With this particular image, again, the bolded letters are the same patter, style and font. I like the repeating usage in this picture because it conveys a strong message next to the athlete.

federer allignment


Alignment is crucial in design because it allows the picture to look more calming. In this picture, I believe the bold words and the way they look make it much more calming to look at, and it just looks stronger. In the bottom, the smaller words look really good, and are also nice to look at.

federer contrast


Contrast, in my opinion, is the most crucial element when looking at a picture, because it shows which image catches the eye. In this image you have several illustrations of contrast. First, the big bolded letters, because of obvious reasons, they’re big and white! Next, the Nike swoosh catches your eye because its a very recognizable brand and symbol.

federer color


I really liked the color on this picture for several reasons. First off, the big bolded white words in the left color really stand out. Then, I really like Roger’s shirt, light blue, because it looks good next to the white letters in the opposite corner. Finally, the blue words at the bottom catch your eye easily.