It’s been ten …


It’s been ten years since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.  My question is, why don’t they get talked about more?  This was a very dominant team with a historically great defense, but they somehow get overshadowed by other past Super Bowl champions.

Yes, I know their offense was average, and thats’s being nice.  Not a lot people can name the starting quarterback for that champion team, which was Brad Johnson.  If it wasn’t for Trent Dilfer, I would have to say that Johnson was the worst quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl.  Most people just know that offense for their powerful fullback Mike Alstott, or A Train as Tampa fans know hiim as. 

They definitely had enough characters on that team to be recognized.  Wide reciever Keyshawn Johnson was always opening his mouth for something, including an incident on Monday Night Football when he chewed out his head coach for not playing him.  On the other side of the ball, Warren Sapp couldv’e been heard from miles away, and couldv’e been seen from miles away.  Sapp was called out by Green Bay coach Mike Sherman after the game for a dirty hit on a Packers player.  And then there was their colorful coach Jon Gruden, who was hired right before that season.  Gruden also had a great nickname, Chucky, from the movie Child’s Play.  He was also known for his language, which was shocking to say the least. 

However, this team should be remembered for their defense of all things.  Besides the 2000 Ravens, this Bucs team had the best defense of that decade and scored 9 touchdowns throughout the 2002 season.  Four of those touchdowns came in the playoffs.  Including 3 in the Super Bowl, against the Oakland Raiders, who had the top offense in the league that year.  In my opinion, that defense had 3 players who will be in the Hall of Fame in the future.  Warren Sapp, corner Ronde Barber, and linebacker Derrick Brooks.

Yes I know there were some great teams in the 2000’s, but I would put the 2002 Bucs right up there with the best of those teams.